Our equipment is serviced, setup and ran professionally, providing you with the perfect hire solution. Training can be provided to your operators, be it lighting, sound, stage management, or we can look after and provide technical support for the whole run. 
Crewing and Training
We provide experienced, professional and friendly staff. We have specifically trained Lighting, Sound, Flys and Stage Management crew, and can also train your operators on our equipment or your equipment for the production. 
Everything in our shop we have used on both amdram and professional touring productions. We have every faith that our products our well priced and reliable.
Mic Plots
Looking at putting Mics on all your cast but only have x amount of transmitters? Allow us to create a Mic Plot for you to make sure everyone is heard with the mics available!
Frequency plot
We appreciate purchasing microphone site licenses is both daunting and time-consuming. Simply let us know how many radio microphones you're operating, and we'll do the rest! 
Production Management
From co-ordinating crew, working out schedules, drawing CAD plans and running the production, we can supply any services needed to make your production perfect, across a variety of budget solutions. 
Venue Upgrades
We'd love to be invited down to your venue to look at upgrading or renovating your current systems. 
Script and Music Printing
We have the equipment to reproduce and bind large quanities of scrips and sheet music. 

Poster and T-Shirt Creation
Looking for show specific posters and T-shirts? Just get in touch! 
Looking for someone to handle your physical and digital marketing? Look no further! 

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